Comic Strip

Hergé, Franquin, Moebius, Vance, Will, Lambil, Peyo, Morris, Francq, Druillet, Manara or Tibet......

So many iconic names of the comic strip world that bring back our childhood’s foundest memories. Who has never drawn in a black and white Tintin album? Who does not recall Gaston Lagaffe’s crazy inventions or Spirou’s hectic adventures ?

Fine connoisseurs of the 9th art, Millon Belgique’s collaborators will guide you through the process of expertise, evaluation, sale and purchase of everything that relates to the comic strip sphere. From comics to comic-related items, original drawings, albums, screen prints, enamel plaques, dedications, original illustration plates, portfolios and limited edition, this domain has no secrets for our team thanks to the dozens of cataloged and online sales organized since 2005.

Our specialists remain at your disposal for any questions related to this particular art:

Head of depatment: Michael Deneyer

Albums : Arnaud de Partz
Original strip : Michael Deneyer
Objects and figurines : Jean Michel

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Jewlery, Watches and Coins

Jewelry and Coins expert: PhD Céline Rose DAVID

Watches expert: Sébastien DELBAR

Paintings & Art Objects

Head of depatment: Mélissa LAFONT

Modern and Contemporary Art specialist: Mélissa LAFONT

Asian Art and Classic Centuries: Régis BAERT

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Classic Centuries – Siècles Classiques

At the heart of Europe, Brussels is the crossing point of reciprocal influences and art historical exchanges. Ancient paintings, classic furniture, tapestries, sculptures or ceramics offer a compedium of the back and forth influences between the regions of Western Europe. Whether in Italy, France, Germany or the United Kingdom, the objects have been inherited by means of successions or collections.

Flemish painting (Esaias Van de Velde (1587-1630), Caspar Netscher (1635-1684) or French painting (Jean-Baptiste Leprince (1734-1781), Adam François Van der Meulen (1632-1690), Hubert Robert (1733-1808) ; Belgian or French classic furniture (Jean Joseph Chapuis (1765-1864) and Pierre Migeon (1696-1758)); Italian majolica, gleaming earthenware, Tournai or Sevres porcelain ; Audenarde ou Aubusson tapestries ; marble or bronze sculptures (Gilles Lambert Godecharle (1750-1835), Constantin Meunier (1831-1905))…

Our classic auctions present a wide range of artistic productions of the « classical » centuries: the Antiquity, the Haute Epoque period, the Renaissance, the French « Grand Siècle », the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

From prestigious provenances or amateurs’ successions, we adapt our auctions to the objects and to their complementarities. Passionate, we strive to use our knowledge as to illustrate each era with selected objects, enhanced by detailed and referenced descriptions…because an auction can also become a wonderful glance on Art History.

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