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    Appraisal : 200/300 €

    Hammer price : 250 €

    LOT N°021

    Onyx, 18k (750 thousandths) rose gold and silver photo pendant featuring a salamander with a body and clasp paved with small pearls (one missing) and natural ruby eyes. In Victorian jewelry, the salamander is a symbol of immortality and ardent love, and is therefore often found in keepsake jewelry.
    Length: 5.2 cm (including setting)
    Gross weight: 11.5 g.

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    Appraisal : 200/300 €

    Hammer price : 200 €

    LOT N°022

    Diamond-shaped brooch in 15k yellow gold (as indicated on the hallmark and validated by acids), some parts covered with black enamel, the four points set with an old European-cut diamond. Late 19th-early 20th century. Minor chip on the enamel.
    Dimensions: 1.6 x 3.5 cm.
    Gross weight: 3.7 g.

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    Appraisal : 100/200 €

    Hammer price : 350 €

    LOT N°023

    Circular pendant in 18k (750 thousandths) yellow gold featuring a beautifully enameled dog's head. Late 19th-early 20th century.
    Diameter: approx. 2 cm.
    Gross weight: 2.8 g.

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    Appraisal : 180/220 €

    Hammer price : 700 €

    LOT N°024

    18k (750 thousandths) yellow gold photo medallion adorned with a small old European-cut diamond and enameled dog and cat. Late 19th century. No glass inside.
    Diameter: 2.2 cm.
    Gross weight: 6.5 g.

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    Appraisal : 1200/1500 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°025

    18k (750 thousandths) yellow gold watch chain with links resembling braided gold wire (but it is stamped) and its gold runner with onyx niccolo on both sides decorated with stars, one of which has lost its small pearl. Late 19th century.
    Length : 75 cm.
    Gross weight: 28.2 g.

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    Appraisal : 500/700 €

    Hammer price : 630 €

    LOT N°026

    Late 19th-early 20th century English 15k yellow gold photograph holder featuring an unusual scale decoration on the front. Slight dents on the back. Inner glass missing.
    Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.4 cm (including setting).
    Gross weight: 24.1 g.

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    Appraisal : 200/300 €

    Hammer price : 250 €

    LOT N°027

    Flanders cross mounted on a double silver and 18k (750 thousandths) yellow gold three-part butterfly brooch, with bumps adorned with typical 18th-century double-table diamonds and chips of faceted diamonds (a little missing). Work of the 18th century.
    Cross length: 7.2 cm.
    Gross weight: 19 g.

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    Appraisal : 300/500 €

    Hammer price : 320 €

    LOT N°028

    Early 20th century sleeper earrings in 14k and 9k (585 / 375 thousandths) yellow gold and silver set with high quality rose-cut diamonds. In original case.
    Height : 1.3 cm.
    Gross weight: 3.4 g.

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    Appraisal : 200/400 €

    Hammer price : 250 €

    LOT N°029

    Silver and silver-gilt Flanders cross set with diamond leaves (2 small misses) and rose-cut diamonds on silver paillon. Antwerp work, late 18th - mid-19th century, in two parts.
    Dimensions: 6.8 x 4 cm.
    Gross weight: 8.4 g.

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    Appraisal : 500/700 €

    Hammer price : 1100 €

    LOT N°030

    Silver and 18k (750 thousandths) gold brooch featuring a flowering branch whose petals and leaves are adorned with rose-cut diamonds and diamond chips, the flower centers are old mine cut. Work from the mid-19th century.
    Length: approx. 6.3 cm.
    Gross weight: 14.2 g.

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    Appraisal : 500/700 €

    Hammer price : 500 €

    LOT N°031

    Belle Epoque ring in 18k (750 thousandths) white gold with two probably fine, untested pearls and a central old European-cut diamond of beautiful color and purity, approx. 0.30 ct. One of the pearls has a small crack.
    Finger size : 56
    Gross weight: 2.8 cm.

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    Appraisal : 150/250 €

    Hammer price : 150 €

    LOT N°032

    Barrette brooch in 18k (750 thousandths) yellow gold and metal, mid-19th century, adorned throughout with faceted diamond chips and rose-cut diamonds. In the center, a small pearl, probably fine, untested.
    Length: 7.3 cm.
    Gross weight: 4.7 g.

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    Appraisal : 300/500 €

    Hammer price : 320 €

    LOT N°033

    Art Deco platinum ring set with old mine-cut diamonds and faceted diamond chips on either side of a light pinkish-purple oval amethyst (chips and small cut).
    Finger size: 55
    Gross weight: 5.1 g.

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    Appraisal : 700/900 €

    Hammer price : 1600 €

    LOT N°034

    Beautiful 18k (750 thousandths) white and yellow gold pendant presenting, in a nicely executed openwork setting paved with faceted diamond chips, a large transparent white opal with unidirectional electric green, blue and orange flashes. A twisted link chain accompanies the set in 18k (750 thousandths) white gold.
    Pendant height: 4.2 cm.
    Chain length: 42 cm.
    Gross weight: 12.9 g.

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    Appraisal : 80/120 €

    Hammer price : 80 €

    LOT N°035

    Silver and silver-plated metal choker elements set with small pyrites (one missing) to form the letter M. A rare piece of jewelry because it is made of so-called "base metal" and has often been destroyed. Punched work from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
    Size of central part with letter M: 3.1 x 1.5 cm.
    Gross weight: 4.5 g.

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    Appraisal : 700/900 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°036

    Early twentieth-century platinum dangle earrings featuring a succession of small old European-cut diamonds, some of which join together in the shape of a flower to complete the jewel. Silver butterfly clips.
    Length: 2.3 cm.
    Gross weight: 5.1 g.

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    Appraisal : 500/800 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°037

    Art Deco-style bracelet in 14k (585 thousandths) white gold, with a fine openwork design. In the center, a small square amethyst lights up the ensemble.
    Length: 15.5 cm.
    Gross weight: 6.2 g.

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    Appraisal : 2000/4000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°038

    Attributed to François-Désiré FROMENT-MEURICE (1801-1855)
    Silver, silver-gilt, garnet and glass bracelet featuring a central helmet on a green jasper shield. The bracelet is composed of interlacing and volutes with ivy foliage. Unsigned. Very good condition.
    Dimensions : 18 cm.
    Gross weight: 55.1 g.
    Why this attribution? The materials, the weight, the shapes, everything points to a work by the Froment-Meurice workshop. The fact that many jewels from this workshop were not signed at the time means that a typological analogy must be sought. This bracelet features scrolls very similar to jewelry presented by Froment-Meurice at the 1851 London

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    Exhibition. The stones are set in the same way as those on the bird necklace in the Pforzheim Museum or the black-and-white enamelled brooch in London's Victoria and Albert Museum. Last but not least, the shape of the bracelet can be found in several signed examples at auctions across Europe.
    Koch M. et alii, Pariser Schmuck, vom Zweiten Kaiserreich zur Belle Epoque, München, 1989.

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    Appraisal : 1800/2200 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°039

    Transformed early 19th century earrings. A silver and silver-gilt base paved with approx. 3 ct. of beautiful rose-cut diamonds is topped with yellow gold elements and pearls (one cracked) to wear these sleeper earrings. A successful blend of the ancient and the modern.
    Height: 3.8 cm.
    Gross weight: 10.7 g.

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    Appraisal : 2000/4000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°040

    Neo-Renaissance (Renaissance Revival) silver brooch from the mid-19th century, based on the typology of 16th-century jewelry, with hanging pearls (in this case mother-of-pearl) and a profusion of enameled architectural decoration on both the front and back of the piece. While the central figures bear a strong resemblance to those produced by the François-Désiré FROMENT-MEURICE andJules WIESE association on a number of jewels between 1847 and 1851, the differences in the background are significant. We are dealing here with "mass" production at the time. Yet today, these pieces are as rare as those signed in this sale. Why this rarity? Quite simply, because when tastes

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    change and jewelry seems to have no value, it is thrown away, melted down or given less attention. This was the case with iron jewelry from Berlin, which is now worth a fortune even though the raw material has no intrinsic value. The same is true of brooches and pendants, which were very popular in the mid-nineteenth century but not at all fashionable at the beginning of the twentieth. The enamel is missing, as is the mother-of-pearl pendant in the center, but this is not serious. This jewel is a survivor of time.
    Dimensions: 7 x 5.5 cm.
    Gross weight: 37.5 g.

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